As the TOP DWI LAWYERS in Wilmington, NC, we have successfully applied the Triple-P Strategy to help clients charged with Driving While Impaired offenses.

Driving while impaired (DWI) is a serious charge that requires careful attention to detail.  The consequences can be costly and burdensome. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients who have been charged with DWIs in both district and superior court. Our formula for success is simple. We follow the Triple-P Strategy:

  • Preparation – All DWI cases start with a thorough interview. Next, we gather all of the information we can about your specific case. This often includes interviewing the officer, subpoenaing records and videos, copying and reviewing the entire court file, collecting pictures from the scene and interviewing witnesses.
  • Planning – After gathering all necessary information, we develop and pursue a strategy that is specific to your situation. Years of experience and countless hours keeping current on North Carolina statutes and case law are used to develop an approach to maximize success for each individual case.
  • Persistence – We persistently and aggressively implement your strategy. This involves everything from filing pretrial motions, and negotiating with the district attorney to vigorously defending you at trial in front of a judge or jury.

In addition, in most cases we can:

  • Petition to get your license back within 10 days of arrest without paying a restoration fee
  • Assist you in obtaining a limited driving privilege if you are convicted
  • Avoid the embarrassing, annoying, and expensive ignition interlock requirement
  • Minimize DMV consequences

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