Regardless of your driving record, count on The Shotwell Law Group to fix any driver license suspensions and represent you at any DMV hearing. We can help you legally get back on the road.

Failure to appears


Driving while license revoked

Clients whom have never had a license

Permanent Suspensions

Accumulation of points

Habitual DWIs

Prior convictions

Felony forfeiture of license

Moving violations during periods of revocation

We can help even when others say they can't.

Our attorneys aggressively fight for our clients rights. We know that being able to drive to work or to school is essential. That’s why we are diligent in our approach to every case.

Our approach is different. For each case, we strive to:

Develop a plan.

We will request and review your certified DMV lifetime driving record and develop a plan specifically designed to get you legally back on the road.

Remove suspensions from your record.

There a many different types of suspensions. To remove them, we often:

  • Remove Failure to Appear (FTA) suspensions by handling the outstanding case(s) in court
  • Remove suspensions for old convictions. Depending on the situation we may be able to re-open an old case and remove suspensions from your record.
  • Identify and fix errors in your record. Identity theft and clerical mistakes occur often. Identifying, then removing them can be very complicated and time consuming.

Obtain limited driving privileges.

In many cases we are able to get our clients limited driving privileges that allow someone to drive to and from work legally even though their driver’s license is revoked.

  • Driving While Impaired
  • Felony Forfeitures
  • Driving while license revoked
  • Moving violations during a period of suspension
  • Convictions for excessive speed
  • Accumulation of points

DMV hearings.

We can request and represent you during a DMV hearing which occurs before a DMV hearing officer. The intent is to have your driver’s license restored, even for those with permanent revocations.

  • Permanent suspensions for driving while impaired (DWI)
  • Permanent suspensions for habitual impaired driving (DWI)
  • Permanent suspensions for driving while a license is revoked or moving violations during periods of revocation
  • Suspensions for driving while a is license revoked or moving violations during periods of revocation
  • Suspensions for an accumulation of points
  • Suspensions for excessive speed
  • Suspensions for out of state convictions
  • Suspensions for willful refusal of chemical analysis

Represent you in court for pending charges.

We often represent our clients in for pending charges. It is important to have an overall plan that takes in account the possible future consequences of pending charges on your driving record.

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